I, John Humphreys, have always had an interest in home canning, gardening, and baking/cooking from scratch. My parents and grandparents were my first inspiration.
     My love for food came before I was born, when my parents and Grandpa John owned a pizza place named Trolley car pizza in Warren, MI.  That’s all my mother ate while pregnant with me, breakfast, lunch and dinner.
     My Grandma Sally is Italian and makes everything homemade, passing down her family recipes and love of good coffee. My Grandmother and Grandfather Steward, originally from Gainsboro, Tennessee, were passionate about gardening and home preservation/canning.
     The questions always running through my head are, How can I make it? And How can I make it better? My family and friends have praised my creations and encouraged me to start my own business. So, now we present Blackbeard Canning Company LLC. It is a cottage food business located in Central Illinois. It specializes in home roasted coffee, hot sauce, fruit preserves, pickles, and more.
     Thank you for checking us out and for any support.